The AccessText Network Continues to Grow: 60,000 requests in 2012; 80,000 requests in 2013; 94,000 requests in 2014; 99,000 requests in 2015; and 102,000 requests in 2016.
Request Files from Leading Textbook Publishers: Elsevier, Lynne Rienner Publishers Sinauer Associates, Jones & Bartlett Learning F.A. Davis Company , Cengage Learning, W.W. Norton, Springer Publishing, SAGE Publications, Inc., McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson Education, John Wiley & Sons., Macmillan Higher Education Kogan Page, Image: books
A Shared Mission, Helping college students with disabilities succeed Image: laptop displaying a pdf textbook with bookmarks
The AccessText Network welcomes new member publishers RosettaBooks, Charles C. Thomas Publisher, and Labyrinth Learning

Post-secondary members can request files and permissions from leading publishers with one simple form. All post-secondary institutions in the United States and Canada are eligible to join at no cost.

AccessText is an efficient system for publishers to process disability-related requests from post-secondary institutions. Publishers large and small are encouraged to join.

The AccessText Resource Center has tools, tips, and useful information on a variety of accessibility topics with no membership required.

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