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Melinda Gunning

Director of Academic & Disability Support Services
Fresno Pacific University

"I love AccessText. Being able to get (textbook files) very quickly from AccessText makes our lives easier, makes it easier for the get the textbook and have it ready for class."






Nancy Waite

Coordinator for Library Accessibility Services
McMaster University

"We are able to get our textbooks back really quickly and we are able to request the textbooks in one location instead of putting in multiple requests in multiple locations."






Neal Sorenson

Assistive Technology Specialist
Aims Community College

"Not having to scan a book myself, not having to go to Kinko's to get the spine cut off is pretty nice...just having the publisher quality pdf is incredibly invaluable..."






Nicole Subik

Assistant Director at Learning Support Services
Villanova University

"The interface is really easy to use. It's really easy to search for books. The turn-around time is remarkably fast."







Stephanie Staley

Disability Support Services Coordinator
Concordia University (Portland)

"AccessText Network is my first choice because I know that if I go there then it saves me time and it saves me money and it's the fastest way to ensure accessibility for my students."






Ashley Ciccolini

Assistant Director of Student Accessibility Services
Florida Atlantic University

"It's easy to use, quick turn around time getting the books for the students...and if I have any questions, it's easy to get in touch with people to answer my questions."







Caleb Hunt

Adaptive Technologist
Trent University

"AccessText has allowed us to have a central point of contact for our requests for alternate media coming from the states..."







Cindy Morgan

Senior Coordinator of Disability Support Services
Palo Alto College

"I just have the student bring in the copy of the book they purchased, put in the ISBN and then this wonderful file comes in my email..."







David Sanford

Assistive Technology Coordinator
Austin Peay State University

"It makes getting accessible texts seamless [and] quickly downloadable."







Marinette Fargo

Alternative Format Text Specialist
University of Guelph

"It is great for my own record keeping. I can tell what titles I've requested. I can see how many I've requested and how many each student has requested so when end of year comes it's very helpful to have those stats at my fingertips."