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An African-American students sits at a table in a library, working on a laptop.

We created the AccessText Resource Center to help service providers, students, faculty, and publishers find the products, services, and the latest accessibility information they need. The Resource Center is available to everyone. No membership is required!

Accessible Textbook Finder

The Accessible Textbook Finder searches multiple vendors by ISBN or title, and provides the combined results with links to the source. Each vendor has their own policies and accessibility features. 

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Publisher Look-Up

The Publisher Look-Up Service is a joint initiative of the Association of American Publishers and the AccessText Network. It was established to help college and university Disability Support Services (DSS) professionals find the correct publisher contact from whom to request electronic files of textbooks in order to support students with print-related disabilities. The Publisher Look-Up helps you locate the appropriate contact at publishing houses from whom to request electronic files or permissions for their publications.

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The AccessText Network Wiki

For alternative media formats and production techniques, assistive technology information, and other resources including video tutorials, visit the AccessText Wiki.

Accessible Media Production

If a file is not fully meeting your student's needs, and you do not have the resources in-house to remediate the file, you can outsource the production to Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation (CIDI). CIDI believes equal, inclusive access empowers everyone to achieve. CIDI has E-Text, Braille, and Captioning units ready to meet your production needs. Visit the CIDI website to learn more.